Egg Challenge

12 to 24 organic eggs per day for 90 days.

Get organic butter and put it in your freezer, use this butter to scramble 5 to 11 eggs at a time.

Make the butter last, cut up no more than one teaspoon per meal.

Don’t believe in the cholesterol myth, it’s been created by the corrupt medical industry. It almost seams like, Many of the common health diseases are more than slightly caused by lack of the nutrients from the eggs. Brain health, hearth health, sex hormone health, is aided by the cholesterol and omega 3 and other nutrients.

Finish your eggs on lower heat to reduce killing the nutrients.


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So this is 30 to 60 days, you’ve got to use it, for it to work though💉

4 scoops per day for best results with this product.

And if you want all the nutrients you need, I would get one healthy body pack per 100 pounds of Body-weight.

This pack would add in Fish Oil, and The companies Healthy Bone Product.

Site Purpose

For you to eat all organic, drink and cook with only fluoride filtered water, and for you to consume a fair amount of nutrients, every month, for life.