Dr. Wallachs Health Formula

1. Drink fluoride filtered water. It needs to be a quality filter, not just any filter will do, our water in the US is very contaminated. I recommend infowars.com for your filter. I have the Propur G2.0 King 304
The same goes with water that you cook with, these contaminates do not disappear after the cooking process. Get organic coffee or organic tea if you want it. And unbleached coffee filters may also aid you more.

2. EAT ALL ORGANIC Eat 12 organic eggs per day cooked in a touch of organic coconut oil. But if you can’t eat all organic just add the 12 eggs as your base to keeping a little less hungry for junk throughout the day. Organic meat. Organic Peanut butter. Organic flax ground in a coffee grinder, organic whey and organic cocoa powder makes a great drink. and Whatever else that is organic will be great for you.

3. You need nutrients to complete this formula. You will Not get all you need through your food. There are 90 essential nutrients. If you weight 100 pounds it’s 125$ per month, if you’re 200, it’s about 250 per month. 125 is for 1 healthy body starter pack. My dream is for you to try the whole pack in under a month and see what happens to you. I’m sure you will come to need this for life, why would you settle if you have the key to ultimate health?
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