What Food to Buy?

15 dozen organic eggs at whole foods, mention the case discount to save money.

15 pounds of organic meat, keep it in the freezer, and play the game Make It Last  based on how much weigh you want to loose of muscle you want to gain.

34 cans of organic beans(non bpa cans) Available at Marianos

Organic butter(for cooking eggs and beans) Oil is Bad for you.

Organic carrots.

Organic Milk, Half Gallon milk containers are a good choice for when you’re on the go, if you’re active and want to gain muscle and sustained energy.

& a fluoride filter from infowars.com


  1. That you eat only organic food(Mostly Eggs and Meat).
  2. That you drink fluoride filtered water for drinking and cooking.  You can get this filter at infowars.com
  3. That you consume nutrients everyday, because the food you eat doesn’t have all the nutrients your body needs.
  4. That you don’t block nutrient absorption so I’m saying: That you shouldn’t drink any carbonated drinks(including carbonated water), this neutralizes stomach acid which you need for absorption nutrients. You also need to consume salt, it’s good for you because it creates stomach acid. Plus the Final thing to avoid for full nutrient absorption is gluten.(WHEAT, BARLEY, RYE, and Oats).


Without following the health principles of organic food, fluoride filtered water, and solid levels of nutrients, you will not have a proper body, these are the three factors. The 4th vital factor is not blocking nutrient absorption.

Filtered Water

A fluoride filter from infowars.com and you’re set. Now you can have good water for cooking, and to have with you to take wherever you go on a regular basis. Another benefit to this is your body will not be affected as much by BPA.

Only Organic

Or you risk cancer. Not enough eggs or cholesterol, and your brain will begin to develop Alzheimer’s, 8 eggs per day minimum.

Go organic, nutrify your body with my help, and fluoride filter your water.

Gluten from grains and bread blocks nutrients, so does any carbonated liquid.

Farmers Eating Plan

12 to 24 organic eggs per day. Cook in organic butter not oil. Also, organic meat a pound to 2 pounds per day depending on how hard you use your body.

Add in whatever organic food, as long as you avoid gluten 100 percent.